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File 129740168326.png - (28.15KB , 640x480 )
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thats a pirate.
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File 129616691194.jpg - (757.52KB , 1024x768 , Jellyfish.jpg )
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hi gais, didja miss me?
<3 :3

picture is a jellyfish. :<
i have no oc on this damn computer.
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File 129402273380.jpg - (18.85KB , 400x300 , too+tired2[1].jpg )
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sup gais,
sorry I haven't been around.
in fact, I can't be around for much longer (tonight).
Just dropping in to let you guys know that I ordered the prints of the photos, and the first batch cut off the top of my head in nearly every picture. So they'll have to be on bigger pieces of paper, thats all. :3

I love you all so much, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.
Keep your chins up,
It wont be long now.
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File 129314754683.jpg - (17.92KB , 323x301 , stress.jpg )
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the holidays are upon us.
I am so sorry I haven't been around, honestly, it couldn't be helped.
Sorry for no OC,
thats a 'comin.

the autographs. ahem.

Here is how the process will go,
1. pick your photo from my new photobucket
2. pay $20.00 on paypal. (because the money received will be used to print the photos, so we need that first. D; <3) In your payment, I ask that you write your e-mail in the note, so I know you're you. (:
3. send me an e-mail at boxxosphere@gmail.com with the number of the photo chosen, the message you'd like(if you have a preference) and who you'd like it to be signed by (boxxy/catie)

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 129255217436.jpg - (452.51KB , 1310x1932 , wutsdat.jpg )
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hay gais.
sorry for the absence.
picture was taken right before the foar ant video was shot. <3
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File 129263750285.jpg - (712.82KB , 1932x2576 , 103_2100.jpg )
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Hi guys. Changing my trip code, as promised.
Will verify with old trip in next post.

ignore the red line in muh eye. <3
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File 129187286230.jpg - (4.69KB , 259x194 , images.jpg )
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I've been gone two seconds.
sup gais, why all the hate?
leave morphen and forby alone, they didn't do anything wrong. Even if they did no one should gang up on them. It's hard to be alone. They can dislike me all they want.
The comment towards Morphen was not meant as a retort, but a real question.

Come now guys, happy thread. :3
moment of negativity;
k, no more negativity after that.
all done.
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File 129186278462.jpg - (296.70KB , 802x1069 , categrad.jpg )
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Hi guys. :<
i'm sorry i haven't been around lately. (ima busy busy bee)
We ended up getting a new computer to be on the safe side.
I have not abandoned you. (>:I) As far as I can tell, my accounts have not been compromised (except my s4tisf4ction account; shaking in my boots.)
all the same, i'm in the process of securing my accounts, and once I get to take a timestamp i'll be changing my tripcode.

but other than that, how's life?
D: /hugs

also, heres my grad picture, thought you guys might wanna see it.
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File 129067566737.jpg - (298.02KB , 1006x1364 , anewhopeee.jpg )
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So much to be thankful for.
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File 129012906041.png - (12.79KB , 406x436 , 1239238929011.png )
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i'll just leave this here...
pic unrelated
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File 12562690288.png - (112.01KB , 406x526 , l_d2408df29aad4abfb3d9db63751d4320.png )
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thars 1
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>> No. 603585
File 145974657173.jpg - (231.34KB , 767x1041 , my_name_is_boxxy_by_darklycute00.jpg )

File 124710220912.jpg - (29.35KB , 289x400 , oooooo.jpg )
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>> No. 608016
File 146379029146.jpg - (213.98KB , 797x1135 , 2016-05-20 - obligatory behind the mic pic .jpg )

>obligatory behind the mic pic

File 146406158268.png - (436.60KB , 963x817 , feminism.png )
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Well? Will she or wont she? Will Kathy go too?

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>> No. 608238
Lol... ikr!!

What the fuck is wrong with Kathy. 100% of rapes in Sweden have been committed by immigrants who are almost all Muslims. Not only that, their Victims are are all aged 10-13.

The response of Sweden is to blame the victims for not dressing modestly in Islamic attire.

Shouldn't a radical feminist like Kathy now go wild for a case of actual victim blaming? But no.

Her only response is "don't discriminate" as it continues and then she goes back to tumblr to talk about killing all white men because they are rapists even though 0% of native white Swedes committed 1 rape.

It's not only incredibly evil of her to ignore all these women and children being raped it's also incredibly racist that she sets anyone not white to some kinda animal like status unable to control any of their actions.

If she actually explained her reasoning I'd give her some credit but she never does. Maybe it's because she has no answer.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 608245 >>608246
File 146429366843.jpg - (194.90KB , 804x720 , 1461974059610.jpg )
Wait, what was the question?
>> No. 608246
You weren't spanked as a child were you? brat

File 146426513742.png - (191.12KB , 619x591 , ponderingmy frost kingdom.png )
608243 No. 608243 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Oh hai thar losers.

I am a black metal frozen soldier who slays trolls in his sleep.

I went to an awesome viking metal show to see one of my favorite bands.

This is me living life among fellow warriors and women everywhere and having a great time. The trolls can only dream of a life this good.

Enjoy the video, I'll be on that stage soon being a drummer and swimming in teen snatch.


>> No. 608244
You went to a show and recorded the whole thing. You are the cancer of shows. Fuck off. And yes, I'm mad. And you think the fact you went to a show is bragging. You don't realise how sad you are? EVERYONE goes to shows. Most with FRIENDS. And here you are alone, which theres nothing wrong with since I go to shows alone. But you didn't go alone to enjoy the show. You went to record the whole fucking thing so you can show people on the internet you went to a fucking show HAHAHA please KYS

File 146375472411.png - (1.13MB , 1153x863 , hahahaha.png )
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Bwa-hahahaha... Thunderf00t did a video where he calls Catie a moron for peddling psudo-science for Dnews.
While Laci got a facepalm, Catie recieved a multi-facepalm.
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>> No. 608235 >>608237
Being a SJW/Fem doesn't mean you're automatically retarded, it just means you're more than likely to be retarded.
I'm sure there are sheltered people that are highly intelligent and mean well.
Also, I'm OP, and even though I don't like Catie, I don't she's an idiot or uneducated.
I think takes advantage of situations and does what she has to, which in this case is reading lines enthusiastically because she was paid to.
Catie is actually really smart, she just also happens to be a little cringeworthy at times and doesn't know when to say no.
>> No. 608237
I agree being an SJW/Feminist doesn't make you unintelligent and I am sure there are many that would do well in intelligence tests, I think it's more of it makes you unwise. You might be able to do math but you are unable to place yourself in other peoples situation to see their point of view. You are a little bit naive, easily influenced and work mainly by emotions versus facts.

My biggest gripe is that they have a hard on for attacking whites all in the name of anti-racism(???) It's a fact white western countries are the safest and offer both sexes, gays, trans and so on equal or almost equal rights and yet they seem to be forever complaining while at the same time talking about all non-western nations as some kind of utopia in which women, gays etc. have 100% the same rights as everyone else and of course we know that's not true at all but they never say anything about it so that's why it's hard to not think they are retarded at times or seriously brainwashed.

The college groups ban whites because they are "inherently racist and supremacist" and put a ban on people saying anything negative on groups such as ISIS.

Giving equal rights to gays, sure, I understand that but the above I can't even stretch my mind to understand it one single ounce.

They attack the people and the countries that give them all the freedom to do this and if they had their way it would all be taken away. It's just fucking crazy at times.
>> No. 608241
File 146425775773.jpg - (71.63KB , 1024x576 , why.jpg )
>you will never watch Star Wars with Catie while cuddling and feeding each other popcorn

Why continue this hopeless and empty facade of a life?

File 146319953062.jpg - (46.55KB , 640x480 , 133369279080.jpg )
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This channel is uploading a lot of Junes old 2011 videos and vlogs. Thought you might be interested.
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>> No. 608234
June's sister is a qt .
>> No. 608239 >>608240
300,000 subs with 23 videos.
>> No. 608240
lmao i have 72 subs with 16 videos but i haven't posted a youtube video in like 6 months so w/e

File 146385011421.png - (145.85KB , 406x514 , hung daddy.png )
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BrownTown: Feminine benis now

Uni Trap: You haven't earned that yet! I can show you a picture of my long, smooth and milky white legs. In exchange, I want a picture of your erect cock bulging through the fabric of some tight underwear. Agreed?

BrownTown: Ok

Uni Trap: How can I trust you?

BrownTown: I was going to ask the same of you. Maybe let's start slow describe your self a bit.

Uni Trap: Hmm... I'm 5 ft 6 inches, I weigh 118 lbs, my cup size is 32b, I have a 26" inch waist with 34" hips... My hair is brown/blonde and I have blue eyes. Oh, and my dick is 7 inches. Now tell me about yourself!

BrownTown: I'm 6ft, slender, but not a dominant type, brown eyes and hairs, I like to have a bit of pubic hair but I look bigger and more
hung shaven. And depending on the situation I'm around 9 inches. How about that time stamp?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 608218
Just imagine it is a large clit when you're sucking it. A clit is a small penis anyway. D:
>> No. 608228 >>608231
Feminine benis unichanner confirmed for attention whoring fag who won't deliver.

You'll never be a real women acting like that sweetheart.
>> No. 608231
I've already posted enough pictures. What more do you want?

File 146115874546.png - (403.39KB , 589x622 , Go.png )
605928 No. 605928 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone here play Go?
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>> No. 606742
File 146191551129.png - (1.19MB , 1366x768 , 13kyu.png )
Then again, Hal's rating probably has improved in the last 16 months.
>> No. 607619 >>608204
File 146326181359.png - (455.36KB , 1125x610 , epic win.png )
After being on vacation for a week, I am back stronger than ever! If I keep this up, my record will have exponential growth. If not, linear growth will suffice. Since I've only played Go for 3 weeks, it's unreasonable to expect to consistently beat players ranked 9kyu higher than me. Then again, practicing with unrated games on two separate accounts might just be enough to pull it off.
>> No. 608204
File 146411622970.png - (8.02KB , 300x138 , so much for that.png )
All of a sudden 24kyu players are making me look like I didn't even pass the tutorial. Their charts are going up at EXACTLY 45 degree angles too. Are one of you guys behind this?

They're not even losing any games. Not even I would dream of that. My chart went up by beating players with much higher ratings then myself. I would lose about half my games, but beating stronger players allowed me to go two steps forward and one step back.

It's not just that they would win by a huge margin either. They played almost all of their moves virtually instantaneously. Moreover, 24kyu is a rating designated for people who have only been playing for one day. Yet, these 24kyu players seemed as though they had been playing for years.

Furthermore, some other opponents I beat had similar charts as mine. Our charts were going up sharply, then plummeted in tandem. Seemingly underrated players were all getting their asses kicked around the same time.

Who is this powerful? Did one of you hack into Dennis Hassabis' computer, and unleash AlphaGo upon my beloved online-go? Either that, or Google Deepmind is picking on the users of the Go website that is supposed to be for newbies.

File 146324082548.png - (407.76KB , 634x312 , allie.png )
607598 No. 607598 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hurr durr that's not you Cecil with a girl!

Let's see the pathetic trolls deny a video of a girl in my bed.

I told you all I was going to get laid for my Birthday. I always do what I say because I am not a weak little bitch like the trolls and are a fully empowered frost lord.

Stay mad losers.

87 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 608196 >>608198
>> No. 608198
Yeah, yeah, dude, it's just that when you are a little troll you don't know how to talk to women. This is what made all the trolls mad at me because all the girls in the sphere like me and think I am a great guy. Hurr durr you are so short!! durr!! Cecil is so short!! and yet it didn't matter to people like June who would have hooked up with me but I didn't pursue it because she lives on the other side of the country to me.

I bang my drum kit like I bang yo momma.
>> No. 608200
File 146410973571.png - (123.72KB , 285x314 , when a troll posts on uni.png )
The trolls think they are so smart posting my video on 4chan when you just make me as famous as June, but I don't seek fame, fame is for the weak. I am content with who I am. I am happy with my powers. An attempt to find Allie so you can try and shame her hurr gross old man, hurr gross old pedo when that's her working girl name. Allie Xtreme because she likes extreme face fucking.

I've unlisted my video now because fame is easy when you are a sociable and likeable person like me, I am the male June. The trolls hate themselves let alone anybody else liking them.

Yo momma.

File 146054288357.jpg - (104.07KB , 612x612 , Nay_ Not My Hand.jpg )
604961 No. 604961 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Her grandmother was a Professional Calligrapher.

I learned this as she was bothering me while I was practicing with a set of my own.
24 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 605314
File 146078560445.jpg - (193.10KB , 900x1200 , Do NOT want to go to Georgia!!!.jpg )
>> No. 605322
Sperms and an egg... her ovaries must have been aching for his penis.
>> No. 608186

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