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File 129740168326.png - (28.15KB , 640x480 )
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thats a pirate.
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File 129616691194.jpg - (757.52KB , 1024x768 , Jellyfish.jpg )
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hi gais, didja miss me?
<3 :3

picture is a jellyfish. :<
i have no oc on this damn computer.
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File 129402273380.jpg - (18.85KB , 400x300 , too+tired2[1].jpg )
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sup gais,
sorry I haven't been around.
in fact, I can't be around for much longer (tonight).
Just dropping in to let you guys know that I ordered the prints of the photos, and the first batch cut off the top of my head in nearly every picture. So they'll have to be on bigger pieces of paper, thats all. :3

I love you all so much, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.
Keep your chins up,
It wont be long now.
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File 129314754683.jpg - (17.92KB , 323x301 , stress.jpg )
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the holidays are upon us.
I am so sorry I haven't been around, honestly, it couldn't be helped.
Sorry for no OC,
thats a 'comin.

the autographs. ahem.

Here is how the process will go,
1. pick your photo from my new photobucket
2. pay $20.00 on paypal. (because the money received will be used to print the photos, so we need that first. D; <3) In your payment, I ask that you write your e-mail in the note, so I know you're you. (:
3. send me an e-mail at boxxosphere@gmail.com with the number of the photo chosen, the message you'd like(if you have a preference) and who you'd like it to be signed by (boxxy/catie)

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 129255217436.jpg - (452.51KB , 1310x1932 , wutsdat.jpg )
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hay gais.
sorry for the absence.
picture was taken right before the foar ant video was shot. <3
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File 129263750285.jpg - (712.82KB , 1932x2576 , 103_2100.jpg )
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Hi guys. Changing my trip code, as promised.
Will verify with old trip in next post.

ignore the red line in muh eye. <3
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File 129187286230.jpg - (4.69KB , 259x194 , images.jpg )
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I've been gone two seconds.
sup gais, why all the hate?
leave morphen and forby alone, they didn't do anything wrong. Even if they did no one should gang up on them. It's hard to be alone. They can dislike me all they want.
The comment towards Morphen was not meant as a retort, but a real question.

Come now guys, happy thread. :3
moment of negativity;
k, no more negativity after that.
all done.
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File 129186278462.jpg - (296.70KB , 802x1069 , categrad.jpg )
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Hi guys. :<
i'm sorry i haven't been around lately. (ima busy busy bee)
We ended up getting a new computer to be on the safe side.
I have not abandoned you. (>:I) As far as I can tell, my accounts have not been compromised (except my s4tisf4ction account; shaking in my boots.)
all the same, i'm in the process of securing my accounts, and once I get to take a timestamp i'll be changing my tripcode.

but other than that, how's life?
D: /hugs

also, heres my grad picture, thought you guys might wanna see it.
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File 129067566737.jpg - (298.02KB , 1006x1364 , anewhopeee.jpg )
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So much to be thankful for.
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File 129012906041.png - (12.79KB , 406x436 , 1239238929011.png )
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i'll just leave this here...
pic unrelated
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File 12562690288.png - (112.01KB , 406x526 , l_d2408df29aad4abfb3d9db63751d4320.png )
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thars 1
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>> No. 593151
File 144410929512.jpg - (61.85KB , 640x852 , Catie Fang by pifroggi.jpg )

File 124710220912.jpg - (29.35KB , 289x400 , oooooo.jpg )
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>> No. 593150
File 144410919284.jpg - (92.14KB , 768x1024 , 2015-09-04 - d000ma - @catiewayne.jpg )

File 144412941355.png - (439.71KB , 295x791 , 144401004292.png )
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>> No. 593162 >>593167
Didn't you just post this on cc?

Along with "Catie you always look very beautiful" which I assume is sarcasm.

She looks like a slob. Those are dad jeans straight out of 1991.
>> No. 593167 >>593169
It's called being a pragmatic dresser, or utilitarian. Aint got no time for fashion.
>> No. 593169
No, it is called being a slob however way you want to dress it up.

File 144387830850.png - (1.41MB , 913x684 , 14391353006.png )
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Let's rewind back to 2010. Remember when Cecil shot up Woodcreek high school?
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>> No. 593156 >>593157 >>593168
File 144411386687.png - (281.80KB , 1294x1427 , 1443868980947.png )
>> No. 593157
File 14441215965.png - (307.30KB , 1280x768 , AoObO.png )
It's like Cecil is so stupid that he doesn't know how tuplas work: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulpa
>> No. 593168
>snow coming from three directions with no summer
>no black people
>business as usual in norway

File 144413283039.png - (1.32MB , 929x861 , fallenwolf.png )
593161 No. 593161 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey friends! I haven't been here for a while because some people from the Catie site told me this was an icky nasty website but I think you guys are just silly and alright!

I made a video a few months ago just for Catie that I never shared with you guys. Hope you enjoy it.

Yours, MontanaFan (aka FallenWolf)

>> No. 593166
File 144414071670.jpg - (134.11KB , 1280x720 , 6eAPhVs.jpg )
Are they still talking shit? There is no accounting for taste. Not all people here are assholes. Not all people there are nice. Most people can't live under the strain of tip toeing around a community of ultra sensitive hipsters that have no grounding in reality.

A lot of it stems from a grown man not being able to control a community, so he talks shit, and runs a horribly insecure site.

TREP: Browsing your forum is like picking flyshit out of pepper wearing boxing gloves. PRO TIP: fuck it, archive everything, then require login for archive. Make new sections, FEWER SECTIONS, then change permissions so that there is at least some public facing aspect of your forum. You can still require login for sections. This way, you can drive more traffic, get more impressions, and get more ad revenue. Put sane limits on avatars and signatures. Actually moderate the fucking forum for posts to keep threads on topic, instead of just for behavior. Do an account audit. Anything else? Oh yah, LIGHTEN UP! You'll never make it our of this world alive if you don't relax a little.

File 14439872173.png - (166.68KB , 647x733 , vinnymad.png )
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lmao i just found this. i forgot how much of a big cunt vinny was! i never talk to her now, what is she doing now? i thought she was going to college in nyc or did she just drop out? maybe she is still 16? pretty sure if she was here she would have asked me to meet her tho. post recent photos of her cause she blocks me lol :P

if ur here vinny, hi! ur still a cunt though lol.
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>> No. 593163 >>593164 >>593165

Obvious samefag (nig himself)
>> No. 593164
No, Boris. >>593159 was me.
>> No. 593165
File 144413974611.gif - (0.97MB , 263x148 , 35385730291.gif )
y-you mean it's not trolling?

File 144402409178.jpg - (139.55KB , 800x800 , 1444023144300.jpg )
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>> No. 593137
he probably got at least 500k. the jap dude probably got some people together and they're just keeping it quiet
>> No. 593148 >>593158
4chan was a sinkhole financially. moot hardly made anything off it, and it was extremely time consuming no doubt. I mean look how he dresses and where he presumably lives >>593107
>> No. 593158
Oh that makes it ok then that he is going to sell your data and link all your posts to your ip/isp.

Yeah, he made fuck all. No business really wants to advertise on 4chan and be associated with it so ways to make money are incredibly limiting. That is why the only financial answer is for the new owner to sell data.

File 144354551445.jpg - (141.12KB , 640x640 , huey will never love you.jpg )
592795 No. 592795 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
cecil, i thought we were friends dude. why are you such a hateful jerk to me? what the hell have i ever done to you? ive always tried to be nice to you and we've joked around about stuff so much in the past, but then you just say the most hateful things about me and it upsets me.
29 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 593114 >>593139
Maybe if Huey didn't give into peer pressure from so called friends, she would be happy with me and not working at a sandwich shop.
>> No. 593139
Okay, whatever you say bud.
>> No. 593152
File 144411177119.jpg - (41.68KB , 855x481 , unnamed3 - Copy.jpg )
So, in this thread:

Unsupported claims, accusations and threats.

Meanwhile she continues her education unmolested, i continue being a awesome wealthy hermit and everyone else lives in moms basement.

Keep it up uni, i love you all so much. Pic related, my best friend took that shot of me while i was dancing across the stones on a pond made by a beaver dam a mile from my house two weeks ago.

File 144384802250.jpg - (28.47KB , 300x465 , 1435377307828.jpg )
593017 No. 593017 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
im a bad boy, punish me. loli come punish me for being so naughtyyyy. squeeze the light out of me with ur thighs and butt muscles, show your dominance over me. i am your slave loli. i need to be taught a lesssonnnn
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>> No. 593143 >>593145 >>593149
File 144408946198.jpg - (2.34MB , 4032x3024 , image.jpg )
Happy born day orange. I didn't get a cake, but I got you this! Enjoy, my love
>> No. 593145
File 144408968511.gif - (1.11MB , 250x141 , 139820107883.gif )
oh my goodness that 4k in effect tho,,,
>> No. 593149
That looks so delicious!

File 144279477712.jpg - (68.02KB , 640x640 , sarkoh.jpg )
592357 No. 592357 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
What happened to Sarkoh? She looks so beautiful now. I think it is fair to say she was carrying some excess weight before, now she looks stunning. Or is this photoshop at work again?
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>> No. 593101 >>593144
>> No. 593144 >>593146
File 144408959089.png - (11.27KB , 721x102 , jeffrulz.png )
I guess we now know who the Cecil imitator is.
>> No. 593146
Your momma.

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